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Explore the upcoming offerings at The Forum! Every class, workshop, event, or series at The Forum is conducted by local businesses we hold in high regard and trust. We wholeheartedly recommend them to you. Please be aware that due to this arrangement, you may encounter different prerequisites for each. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an email containing the specified requirements, or you can find more information by scrolling to the bottom of the page!

While perusing our schedule, you may notice certain classes with specified age ranges. If a class lacks an age designation, rest assured it’s open to participants of all ages, with a focus on maturity. Classes unmarked are designed for adults but are welcoming to mature teens, please note that in these sessions, music and conversations will not be monitored. We encourage an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere for all participants. Join us for an enriching experience where everyone 

The dress code guidelines for aerial and acrobatic activities are established with safety as the top priority. Here’s each guideline along with an explanation of why each requirement is necessary:

  • Wear snug athletic attire covering the backs of the knees and torso:
      • Reason: Tight-fitting clothing reduces the risk of fabric getting caught or tangled during movements. This helps prevent accidents, ensures freedom of movement, and maintains a secure environment for aerial and acrobatic exercises.
  • Avoid jewelry, zippers, buttons, or clasps during aerial or acrobatic sessions:
      • Reason: Loose or protruding items can easily catch on equipment, such as aerial silks or lyra, posing a significant risk of injury. By removing such accessories, participants minimize the chances of entanglement and ensure a smoother and safer practice.
  • If applicable, ensure hair is styled away from the face:
      • Reason: Unsecured hair can obstruct vision or become entangled during dynamic movements. Keeping hair away from the face reduces the risk of distractions and enhances overall safety during aerial and acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Classes are conducted barefoot, please bring socks for warm-up:
      • Reason: Bare feet provide better grip and control on equipment, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. For the warm-up phase, socks may be permitted to keep participants comfortable, but they should be removed for the main exercises to ensure optimal safety.
  • Bring a water bottle for hydration:
    • Reason: Staying hydrated is crucial during physical activities. Having a water bottle on hand allows participants to replenish fluids, preventing dehydration, which can impact performance and concentration. Hydration is fundamental to overall well-being and is an essential aspect of a safe and effective training session.


Our facility is currently open to local business owners, experts, movement specialists, personal trainers and more to utilize a space to offer our community further education and learning. The Forum provides a space, connection and assists with promotion of these local experts.

Please contact us if you would like to work out of our space or be referred to a member of ourCommunity.