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About Us


Strengthen the Body. Empower the Mind. Feed the Soul. 

The Forum focuses on finding your best version of self with a prioritization of movement. Our Community welcomes play, connection and thirst for knowledge. We collaborate with one another to maintain and increase knowledge, connection and development bettering our movement and our community.

Located in Red Deer, Alberta: Our welcoming relaxed lounge hosts social events, group classes, workshops and private training; this group of like-minded humans make sure balanced lifestyles, proper movement and play is never missed in the pursuit of excellence.

Our facility is open to local business owners, movement specialists, personal trainers and more to utilize a space to offer our community variety and high quality training. The Forum provides a space, connection and promotion of these local experts. Please contact us to be referred to one of these experts or contact them directly!

Check out below some featured experts we love to host here at The Forum!


(ah – reh – tay)

1.  The pursuit of excellence of any kind
2. The act of maximizing one’s full potential

Rise up and embrace an empire of excellence.



We continuously partner with fellow local businesses and community partners to grow awareness and access to local options and fellow small businesses. We are always up for a coffee or a beer to chat about how we can work together to share what you have to offer with the community!