RAW - The Forum


Step into a realm where raw emotion meets refined elegance at RAW.

Hosted at the Gasoline Alley Market, in an unprecedented collaboration with The Forum, Unique Chef to Table and Commonwealth Brewery, this event promises an evening of unparalleled sensory exploration. Designed to celebrate the essence of being a woman, RAW invites you to indulge in an experience that's as primal as it is sophisticated, as liberating as it is intimate.

Date: May 4, 2024

Time: 7:00pm

Price: $149 + gst (Includes full access to the sensory journey, gourmet raw dining experience, and a selection of fine beverages)

Location: Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market, Upper Level, 558 Laura Ave. Red Deer County, AB

Dress Code: Sophisticated Elegance with an artistic flair! Please choose outfits that express your unique personality and creativity. For simplicity choose semi-formal dress code. If you’d like to engage in artistic flair, please scroll to the bottom of this description for a more in depth view of Dress Code.

Event Highlights:

  • Presented by The Forum, prepare to be led on an explorative journey that connects you to the core of womanhood. The Forum will unveil a series of experiences designed to awaken your senses, challenge your perceptions, and celebrate the raw power of female connection.
  • An Atmosphere of Openness and Discovery: RAW is more than an event; it’s a sanctuary for the bold and the curious. It’s a night where you can be unabashedly yourself, explore the depths of your senses, and connect with others who share your thirst for a life lived fully.
  • A Celebration of Female Empowerment: At its heart, RAW is a tribute to the strength, beauty, and complexity of women. It’s a space where stories are shared, bonds are forged, and the essence of what it means to be a woman is celebrated in all its forms.
  • Gourmet Raw Culinary Experience: Unique Chef to Table will captivate your palate with a meticulously curated raw menu that transcends the ordinary. Each dish is an ode to the beauty of natural flavors, crafted to surprise, delight, and nourish. Each and every ingredient at the table sourced directly from our local Gasoline Alley Market growers. Paired with Commonwealth Brewery’s artisan beverages, this dining experience promises to be as revelatory as it is delectable.
  • Guided Discussion and conversation. We invite you to participate in electrifying conversation pushing the envelope of what is considered comfortable. Facilitated by Jo Phillips, open yourself to the opportunity to sense the world around you in a difference and unexpected way.
  • Electrifying Entertainment: Immerse yourself in a world where entertainment and emotion fuse seamlessly. Expect a lineup of performances that are as raw and captivating as the theme itself. From mesmerizing Aerial Acrobatics to soul-touching live music, each act is chosen to resonate with the spirit of womanhood.

Unique Chef to Table 

Food at its Natural Stage; Raw – Execution of Food with no Cooking

Unbaked Bread

Savory Banana Balsamic Bread + Curried Pecan Salt


Carpaccio Green Apple- Cucumber Yuzu Consomme + Citrus Scallop + Dill Pine Nut

Pangrattato + Nutritional Yeast


Pad Thai in a roll + Ponzu Gel + Shiitake “Macarons” with Spiced Cauliflower + Avocado

Purée+ Compressed Cabbage + Sesame


Apple with Hazelnut + Birdi Coffee Co. Nitro in Nitrogen + Vanilla & Hibiscus + Whipped

Pumpkin + Coconut Powder

Dress Code: Sophisticated Elegance with Artistic Flair

Feminine Flair:

  • Cocktail dresses or elegant evening wear with unique, creative elements that reflect personal style. Think flowing fabrics that move gracefully and complement the aerial artistry in the air.
  • Accessories that make a statement, such as bold jewelry, elegant clutches, and artistic hairpieces, to add a personal touch to the sophisticated attire.
  • Comfortable yet stylish footwear, keeping in mind the intimate setting and the possibility of moving around to fully engage with the various performances and dining experiences.

Masculine Flair:

  • Tailored suits or smart, well-fitted blazers paired with trousers. Incorporating textures or subtle patterns can add an artistic flair to traditional evening wear.
  • Unique ties or bowties, pocket squares, and cufflinks to express individuality and complement the creative essence of the event.
  • Polished shoes that blend comfort with elegance, suitable for an evening of dining, music, and performance art.

(I don’t want the fancy copy – just tell me what to expect at this event)

Hi – here’s the nitty gritty about what RAW is all about.

1. Delicious food provided by a gourmet chef and ingredients 100% sourced by our local market.

2. Outstanding Aerial, Acrobatic & Musical Entertainment.

3. Interesting conversation centered on the topic of the female experience. This conversation will explore taboo topics such as: Female desire, sexuality and the unique experience and balance of being acceptable and true to oneself.

4. By supporting this event you are supporting the local arts community, local farmers and local entrepreneurs.

The short story – Great Food, Great Entertainment, Great Conversation. See you there:)

RAW – May 4th

7:00pm – Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market, Upper Level