FIFTY FOUR - The Forum


The Forum Produced 54 in Central Alberta in 2022 to Sold Out Audiences. What an amazing time was had by all! Here’s a taste of what those that attended one of The Forum’s iconic performances were able to experience.

Opening its doors in 1977, Studio 54 took on a life all of its own for the next 33 months. This iconic club was a disco hothouse that represented decadence and escape for those lucky enough to be let through the door. Experience the revelry before it all came crashing down with charges of tax evasion, obstruction of justice and conspiracy

Audience Experience:

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Step behind the velvet rope like never before, finding a sense of invincibility when you hit the dance floor. As Club Founder Steve Rubell said it, “only the mafia does better.”


Be ready for the outrageous, the beautiful, the famous and of course – the extreme. Unbridled opulence mirrored by a swift fall; experience an evening this decade could never fathom. Enjoy Aerial & Ground Acrobatics, Theatrics, Dance and Entertainment like Central Alberta has never seen.
Dressing to era is strongly encouraged and recommended:

Big hair, bodysuits, the sound of sequins, slits in satin dresses, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER. Fur, platforms, legs – Be a part of the Studio 54 Glamour. This is a night for extremes, or extreme simplicity. There was a dress code in those days but ‘dressed well’ often meant bright clothing, three piece suits, leather or a plunging neckline. 


What can you expect at the show? Note from the Producer:

We are thrilled to bring this show back again with over 30 individual artists, and over 35 choreographed pieces right before your eyes. Hosting our events at Bo’s Bar & Stage creates an immersive theatrical experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Aerialists flying through the air right next to your table, acrobats balancing on each other’s hands as you have the opportunity to step back in time and experience Studio 54. This is going to be big, bigger than anything we have ever put together!! We are so thrilled to bring back this collaboration of artists, vocalists, aerialists, dancers, actors and local businesses. Rub shoulders with owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager and dance the night away next to Liza Minnelli, this will be a night you do not want to miss. We were in awe at the audience participation for our Production HUSH and are looking forward to see what ‘fifty four’ brings out in this amazing community!