Brenda Rowland - The Forum

Brenda Rowland

“My first Forum production I attended by myself.  Despite knowing some of the performers, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I can quite confidently say I was blown away.  The first one hooked me!  The talent,  the grace, the flow, all the little extras put into it by our local talent is nothing short of amazing.

My second show I saw with friends, though this time I felt I knew what to expect – BUT I was wrong!!  The team managed to up the ante even further, adding another level of surprise and splendor.
I have since taken in several Forum productions.  Each one is unique, even if it is the same billed show, as they always find a way to tweak or freshen things up.  The crowd gets into it, the actors are great, the performers are wonderful, the production runs smooth.  From double runs to complete thematic changes, every show I’ve experienced has been an absolute delight to attend!”