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Welcome to Handbalancing!

Welcome to our 31 Day Handstand Challenge!

Want to join us for the next month and work together to get give a kick start to your Handstand Journey?

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This challenge is designed for anyone interested in Handbalancing, whether this is your first attempt or you are working on improving your hold and balancing, we will be offering progressions and regressions for each and every day!

Let’s WIN some prizes while we’re at it!

  • TAG us in your progress @forumreddeer with #forumisolationchallenge to be entered to win!

What do you need to start?

A Wall that you are comfortable with getting your feet on with some space around you. (think your body hands up x2 both away from the wall and to either side of where you will be working.

Let’s get started! Welcome to Day 1…


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