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The New Forum Cult – I mean… Cohort

We miss Partner Acrobatics and now with the new regulations and guidelines it looks like we are making it happen! There will be some ins and outs of this process however – we’re doing our very best with what we have and we hope you are as excited as we are!

The reestablishment of our Forum Partner Acrobatic Community will include the following changes and institution of a Forum Cohort Community:

  • The Forum Cohort Community will not exceed 50 participants. This Cohort Community is created for a sport involving participant interaction at a distance of less than 2 meters.
  • Where possible physical distancing best practices will be maintained.
  • This Cohort Community commits to remain together during relaunch and only participate in one Cohort Community.
  • Participants who become symptomatic are required to isolate from others and report symptoms and/or a positive test result to Coach.
  • Participants can wear masks when they are not participating in intense physical activity
  • Proper Hand hygiene should occur before and after each activity.
  • The Forum Cohort Community is pre-registered and will accept Members until filled.


Outdoor Partner Acrobatic Guidelines.


  1. Only those committing to The Forum Cohort Community will have access to Partner Acrobatics.
  2. Participants must hold an Active Plus or Premium Membership for the duration of Session. July 9th โ€“ August 27th to guarantee a spot.
  3. Partner Acrobatics will be hosted the following times From July 9th โ€“ August 27th
    1. Red Deer – Mondays at 7:00pm
    2. Sylvan Lake โ€“ Thursdays @ 7:00pm
    3. Attendance not mandatory, come when you can.
  4. As a Forum Cohort Member, you will have the option to practice solely with your Partner OR to participate in Group Acrobatics and activities requiring a spot.
  5. It is the Coaches sole discretion if participants are able to execute a movement without a spot.
  6. Class will be weather dependent and will not operate with rain/thunderstorms.

These above guidelines are subject to change as our provided regulations are not within our control.

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