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Take Control of Your Mobility

Functional Range Conditioning Seminar: Calgary, 2018

This past weekend our Forum Leaders, Shawn and Janessa Marshall, headed to a Functional Range Conditioning Certification(FRC) led by Dr Andreo A. Spina, his research and methodology has proven instrumental for both rehabilitation of injured clients as well as improving athlete performance with many professional sports teams.

#Coach_Shawn - The Forum Inc. Climbing the warped wall Shawn and Janessa have been obsessed with increasing their own personal, and clients Range of Motion and Flexibility to improve quality of life and of course play better – as without the former mentioned you can’t get yourself up to the top of that wall if you don’t have strength over head! We came across FRC and here we go!

How much do I need to stretch?

Very common question in our neck of the woods – the answer, probably more than you are… and you could probably be doing it more effectively. While passive stretching is great, I have a challenge for you all: Try functional range conditioning, see what you find.

Why do you need FRC?

Take Control of Your Mobility and Build Strength.

#Coach_Janessa Hand Balancing Functional Range ConditioningCan you use your body in the end range of motion? Do you have active, key word active, control over your body? Gain the mobility, control the mobility and change the game.

Vital note we took from this course – if you cannot actively control the range of motion without load, do not load in that range. This makes sense to me. Now, we practice, we digest what we learned, we study and we apply it to our programming and help you, our clients, feel better, gain strength, improve health and mitigate injuries.

We look forward to sharing the conversation, the science and the practice with you as we begin, our training starts now. Check out who we worked with this weekend and what Professional Sports Needs and Academy’s choose FRC for their Athletes.

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