Partner Acrobatic Application - The Forum

Partner Acrobatic Application


We’re taking just 6 Duos/Partners to join an upcoming Pilot Program at The Forum in Partner Acrobatics!
This is the first time ever accepting applications for a program like this so tune in! This is a fun, inclusive and immersive sport.

This Partner Acrobatic Program covers many different disciplines includes standing, l-basing, handstand training, flows, Icarian games and much more. To ensure safety, proper spotting, detailed instruction and you will be supported with body training and conditioning.

This class will spike your curiosity and support you through learning new skills, help with body conditioning and sport specific training and improve your communication skills as you move through new movement together.

Who can apply?

– A Duo or Trio (2 or 3 people) – any/all welcome. This is an inclusive space.
– Interest in fun dynamic work with your Partner!
– Looking for consistent training and progression in a Partner Acrobatic Practice.
– An interest in expanding your current fitness level and skill set.
– Commitment to 6 weeks. This includes 1 on site day(South Red Deer along with reccommended training on your own(minimum 2 days/week)
– BONUS! Interest in joining group at an Acrofestival this year!