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Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole!

Nicole is our child guru! You will find this girl dancing like no one is watching, practicing her handstands, mastering a puzzle and without fail EVERYTIME you see her she will be smiling and sucking every last drop of JOY out of this life as she can! Recipe for happy = Nicole!

What is your personal motto or mantra?

Choose Love

Who is your favorite superhero, why?

probably wonder woman because the girl power runs deep in this one

What is your favorite thing to teach?

Children. And I love reading to them specifically, there is something magical that happens when words and imaginations align

How do you define success?

When your heart and your head are fulfilling your passion.

A penguin walks in the room in a sombrero, what is he doing here?

cerveza por favor

Why do you coach at The Forum?

It is the coolest gym that offers everything I love. It is centered around the values in life that are important which is community, connection, relationships and genuine authenticity. The instructors are top notch, The environment isn’t judgemental and most of all because its the best and as I mentioned earlier I have no time for mediocrity.

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