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Meet Keyona!

Meet Keyona!

Want to surprise yourself? Take a class with this girl! Keyona radiates fun – you cannot be a around her without trying something new and being inspired by her willingness to be right there beside you!




Who is your favorite superhero, why?

Catwoman –  1) She’s a badass, acrobatic superhero 2) She has an epic costume 3) She gets to be a cat

What is your number 1 training goal right now?

Increase flexibility and get my front splits on both sides.

Can you play any instruments?

There is a difference between playing and playing well… I have attempted piano and guitar but have opted to dance to music rather than play. My dream instrument to play would be the fiddle.  

A penguin walks in the room in a sombrero, what is he doing here?

He heard The Forum was the best place for a cold beer and ‘hot’ classes so he just had to check it out. He also knew his life long dream was to join the circus as a pole dancing, hand balancing, sombrero wearing acrobat and that this was the place to begin conquering his dreams.

Why do you coach at The Forum?

1) The People – Basically ya’ll are awesome and I love hanging out with you

2) The Concept – I love that there is something for everyone and the collective culture of new ideas and awesome classes

3) The Drinks – The ability to have a glass of Wine AND do Fitness? Count me in.

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