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It’s My First Time

Onboarding Series

You have chosen The Forum and we are excited to have you!

Best part about The Forum is you get a repertoire of amazing coaches, a DREAM TEAM!

This is a group that knows exactly what it takes to succeed. They are here to hold you accountable, share knowledge and support you to the limit. Access to this team means no question goes unanswered and you get support when you need it – so here they are!

Janessa Marshall

Chief Inspiration Officer & Vibe Manager

I’m not your traditional fitness trainer or ‘gym owner’ I didn’t fit in a box and I will never stop learning. I am obsessed with knowledge, a collector of courses and study and I choose curiosity, passion and joy as my path.

My coaching style is enthusiasm, support, accountability and imperfect action. You will not find sugar coated conversations, however you will find a space to speak, be heard and an unconditional cheerleader. I am invested in your success, I am here to show you how to change the patterns that have held you back, be with you when you fail and cheer the loudest as I watch you rise.

Shawn Marshall

Chief Visionary Officer & COO (chief of other (stuff no one wants to take care of))

Shawn is our structure, our vision, our guiding light! This guy supports this team to seriously reach the top & even beyond what we expected!

If you ever tell him something isn’t working, or you’re ‘suck’ he will always have about 18 prompts of questions for you to try or think about that annoyingly solve the problem simply. When you hear us speak about simple consistency as the path to success, this is our inner Shawn voice.

Innovation is his jam and stop is never an option. This creative soul does not see limits and has 10,000 hours is more skills that we can name.

Megan Lawrence

Director of Astonishment

This title says it all, Megan is a force to be reckoned with. This coach will take you to heights that you could not have imagined (legit you probably didn’t write down flying as one of your goals) and show you how wildly capable you are.

There’s no room for feeling incapable or stuck, she has got your back helping you build back a confidence in yourself and your true capabilities. She’s a master skill coach and will hold you accountable to every. single. goal. That YOU set for yourself! Ready for the stars?

Here’s where you start.

River Lennox

Director of Body Optimization

River is a knowledge sponge; she practices what she preaches with really diving into the why of how the body functions. She shows you that it’s more than just in the knowing, but it’s applying what you have learned and dedicating yourself to it.

You can find her helping clients get rid of those lame excuses around ‘can’t’, delving into their immobility or restrictions and wholeheartedly enjoying your company. She’s a ninja with sussing out the root cause, working with joint pain, muscle imbalances and taking your body to the next level. From huge goals to the fine details, my girl River’s got your back!

Jodie Solomon

Director of Limitless

We’re not sure if it’s Jodie’s kindness, compassion or “how the hell did she just do that” that makes us more in awe of her – but this Coach is a dynamo. She’s walked the walk, she’s conquered the skills and we’re telling you, listen to her talk.

Supporting her clients through fears, mental blocks and daily limitations is where you’ll find her. Taking her clients from fear state to limitless is her superpower, and the best part is she’ll do it with a smile the entire time.

Jodie Bermudez

Chief Smile Finder

Ever think, I just can’t get out of this funk? I need a pick me up – insert Jodie here! You can find her pumping the music, cheering at the top of her lungs and letting you know YOU are awesome.

It’s near impossible to keep a straight face around Jodie and she just exudes joy. Presence and living in the moment is where we can all learn from her and she will inspire you to want to show up, smile, laugh and dance as if no one is watching – actually she’d probably tell you dance as if everyone is watching.

Brenda Rowland

Movement Ninja

Have you felt as if your current situation could never change? That you could never achieve what others have because of _______(insert crazy customized excuse here).

I want to introduce you to Brenda. She breaks norms, she crushes excuses, expectations and holds space for you to find that piece of you that you may have forgotten. This superwoman will unleash that inner athlete that you never imagined could have existed because for her, there was a point that she didn’t believe it in herself.

Experience creates a passion that can not exist when you have not felt the feels. Spend too much time with this mindset ninja and you may just wake up one morning feeling like you can conquer that crazy customized excuse you filled in above.


Chief Heart Officer

Azahlia burns with a light that we can’t help wanting to bask in. From awe inspiring feats to holding space when we need it most, this woman is someone you must know! You can find her patiently explaining the next skill and demonstrating with an ease that may seem impossible to accomplish, but with a Coach like this the impossible is suddenly possible. Practice, practice, practice my friends!

This Zen Master brings a calmness to our crazy that is needed and when our excuses hit an all time high she will clearly, honestly and lovingly keep you accountable to your goals and allow fear to be removed from your heart.