How to Navigate Wellness Living - The Forum

How to Navigate Wellness Living

As mentioned last week, WellnessLiving is the software The Forum uses for class and event management. Upon signing your Contract with The Forum, you will be added as a Staff Member.


To access your WellnessLiving Account for the first time follow the below instructions:

Signing in to your Wellnessliving account

**** Your username will be the email you provided to The Forum. To have your password set, select ‘Forgot Password’. WellnessLiving will then send you a password reset email.

Switching between Businesses

If you have a WellnessLiving account with another facility, you will be able to access both businesses within your main login.

Switching between businesses

Viewing Class Attendance List

Viewing Attendance List

Switching to and from Client View

We encourage our contractors to experience The Forum’s classes – remember you have 1x free pass on us using code ‘COACH’. To book your class you will need to switch from staff view to client view. Here’s how.

Switching to and from client view