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Welcome to The Forum!

Strengthen the Body. Empower the Mind. Feed the Soul.

The Forum focuses on celebrating and finding the best version of ourselves. Our Community welcomes play, connection and thirst for knowledge. We collaborate with one another to maintain and increase knowledge, connection and development bettering our movement and our community.

Located in Red Deer, Alberta: Our welcoming relaxed lounge hosts social events, group classes, workshops and private training; this group of like-minded humans make sure balanced lifestyles, proper movement and play is never missed in the pursuit of excellence.

We promise to utilize our Mission and Core Values in all of the decisions we make, the environment we create and the ways we choose to spend our time!


To be curious, playful and creative in the pursuit of an elevated human experience.

Core Values 

Novel – The quality of being new, original or unusual and interesting.

Immersive – Present, involved, engaged, a part of and experience based

Conscious – Aware, awake, responsive and present

Elevate – Improve, rise up, feel more, raise to an elevated position

Alliance – Bonded, Connected, a relationship based on an affinity of interest, nature or qualities.

Before you begin holding your classes – please go through our training to ensure your success at The Forum. 

We have developed an onboarding plan to help you seamlessly integrate into our community. In your first week, you will have an onboarding call with Kelsey, who will provide you with all the necessary information, answer your questions, and ensure a smooth transition.

During the first seven days, you will begin your contractor training to familiarize yourself with our systems, processes, and class management tools.

During this time, we will also introduce you to our community, we will tag you in an introductory post on The Forum’s social media platforms. We encourage you to engage with this post and share it within your network to announce your affiliation with The Forum.

During the next seven days, you will continue through our contractor training, learning more in depth how our systems, process, and class management tools work.

As a contractor, you will be included in our regular social media rotation and tagged in relevant posts. We encourage you to actively engage with these posts and share them across your own network to increase visibility and reach.

To expand your client base, we suggest making phone calls and reaching out to past clients who expressed interest. Additionally, leverage your social media platforms by posting about your classes and workshops, and don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth marketing—let your friends know about the exciting opportunities available at The Forum.

We are committed to your success and are confident that by following this onboarding plan and utilizing the provided resources, you will thrive as a valued contractor at The Forum.

Course Curriculum

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