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Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole! Nicole is our child guru! You will find this girl dancing like no one is watching, practicing her handstands, mastering a puzzle and without fail EVERYTIME you see her she will be smiling and sucking every last drop of JOY out of this life as she can! Recipe for happy = Nicole! What […]

Meet Brittany!

Meet Brittany! This girl has ENERGY and I mean serious energy. I am unsure where she gets her get up and go but I am constantly inspired by it! Whether you find her teaching dance, working with kids or babies she has an enthusiasm for life that is infectious! What is your personal motto or […]

Meet Jonelle!

Meet Jonelle! There are way too many amazing things to say about this lovely soul in our space. Kind, Compassionate, Empathetic, HILARIOUS and don’t be fooled by that pretty face – she’ll tell you exactly how she thinks it is!   What is your personal motto or mantra? STAND IN YOUR POWER Who is your […]

Meet Keyona!

Meet Keyona! Want to surprise yourself? Take a class with this girl! Keyona radiates fun – you cannot be a around her without trying something new and being inspired by her willingness to be right there beside you!       Who is your favorite superhero, why? Catwoman –¬† 1) She’s a badass, acrobatic superhero […]

Meet Megan!

Meet Megan! She is fierce, motivated, badass and an absolute pleasure to be around! Anyone that meets this chick is drawn in to her amazing personality and a lot of the time¬† end up saying something like… I want be able to do what Megan just did! What is your personal motto or mantra? You […]