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18 Dogs that mastered ‘The Workout Excuse’

It’s really a wonder anyone works out …

You can have results or excuses, not both. Our species (humans) will do as little as possible when presented that choice. Some call this lazy, some say this is efficiency  – either way – we are designed to exert as little energy as possible. This goes back to instincts, back in the day if we exerted too much energy ‘working out’ that would not end well if we actually had to run from real danger. So, your excuses are valid, and expected.

Now, due to our world today – high calorie foods, sedentary lifestyles, this is however, no longer relevant. These pups however have them nailed, so here you go – TOP 18 excuses to NOT work out!

1. I’m way too tired.

2. You think I have time for that?!

3. Ya, too old for that.

4. What about ice cream instead???

5. I have no idea what to wear…6. “I’m getting my period”- You’re crampy, bloaty and the last thing you need is sore muscles right now.

7. Everyone looks like they know what they’re doing, – I’ll just be behind.

8. Beyonce said I can do ‘whatever I want!’

9. Ya but, it’s raining outside

10. Ya but, it will wreck my hair…

11. Ya but, I worked out yesterday!

12. Ya but, it’s too hot outside.

13. I don’t wanna get out of bed

14. I just opened this drink.. accidentally

15. Ya but…kids

16. I don’t have anyone to workout with…

17. I’m way to sore for that workout I did last week

Last, but not least >> Ya but, I don’t wanna!


Doggos featured were lovingly provided by current Forum Members. Excuses ALSO provided by Forum Members and heard through many years of experience by our Forum Coaches.

We feel you, we see you, we hear you. We are ready to put in the work for you and with you to show your mind who’s boss! Yes, those instincts and those excuses are valid – but do we want to continue to use them? Maybe, just maybe, you’re over them, ready to kick them to the curb and no longer allow an excuse to hold you back from what your body deserves and who you deserve to be.

You got this, wherever you are – we’ll meet you there.

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